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That point when you're so tired that everything is hilarious.
I was spleening last night! I couldn't stop laughing about the way she pronounced basket.
by lsteve April 16, 2011
the act of fisting to reach the spleen for sexual gradification from the rush of fresh blood cells
i passed out from spleening last night
by hand in fist June 01, 2013
Pinching or grabbing a person, with force, in the side of their abdomen.
When Nora was angry and pinched Darby's side, Darby shouted, "Ouch! You're spleening me!"
by NotStacy July 13, 2009
To penetrate the female vagina or rectum (or the male rectum) deeply with the penis.

i.e. penertrating so deeply as to touch the spleen)
I gave her/him a good spleening (
by Karl Carpenter March 05, 2004

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