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An internal organ of the human body on the left side.
It's job is to destroy old red blood cells.
My spleen is destroying all those old red blood cells, RIGHT NOW.
by elissanozit April 23, 2009
a sport for competition season,
not a sport if cheering for football/basketball, etc.

competition: put together a strenuous 3-minute-long routine in which u have to pack in
1: several group jumps
2: many stunts
3: a dance
4: a cheer
5: many tumbling sequences
6: facials

thats a lotta shit to pack into 3-minutes.

football season: have to get the crowd involved, pump up the team and be interested in the game the whole time.
It involves a lot of spirit and overly expressed emotions towards what is happening in the game
probably not as strenuous as competition season, which is probably why it's not considered a sport yet. however, it still involves everything listed below. and you have to memorize a lot of cheers and never-ever mess up in front of anyone, cuase that shit is embarrassing and makes ur team look bad

have to have gymnastics & dance skills
have to be flexible, strong, loud, and mentally organized

it isn't as easy as you dumbass people who dont consider it a sport think.

if u try it... THEN u will understand
there are so many aspects. u dont have to just run and hit people like in football, or a "real" sport.

it involves coordination and technique and strength, PLUS u gotta look good while doing it! SO HA! how easy is that?!
i'm on chicago allstars cheerleading and i practice 6 days a week, at least 3 hours a day. i go to an extra tumbling class so I can nail my full.
i am also in a "for-fun" stunting class

cheerleading is taking over my life
by elissanozit April 21, 2009

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