Widely used in Miami, it just means to have sex, or fuck.
Man, i brought that chick back to my crib and it was a splack fest.
by rooster1 June 22, 2005
Top Definition
First known mention: The 2Live Crew song "Put Her in the Buck" in the following context:
"Lay the bitch on the bed, flat on her back
Hold her legs up high, make the pussy splak"

From this usage, it can be inferred that the word "splack," means:
1. (n) The noise that the penis makes when repeatedly "pounding" the vagina makes when especially lubricated. An onomatopoeia.
2. (v) The sound used as a verb, similar to "clap."
1. "Her pussy went splack, splack, splack."
1. "It only took me two minutes to make that bitch's pussy splack."
by Sethdari August 03, 2004
To engage in sexual intercourse with a female or multiple females that one hasn't had a previous relationship of any kind.
Lets splack these ladies.
by SplackMaster May 01, 2009
The breaking of a steering column on a G.M. car in order to steal the vehicle.
How did you get that Cadillac? I used a slim jim to get in then i splacked the column.
by GixxxerMan June 22, 2011

1. In reference to fucking or going to pound-town with another individual. Specifically, with sexual occurrences where a "splack"-like sound resonates due to any or all of the following:
- testicles smacking the vulva due to positioning of the well-known "doggy-style" sex method
- "makin' it clap" with the addition of extra bodily fluids to really create a thick "splack" sound (with some bASS)


1. A descriptive word that can replace "fuck", when used to describe something intense, except with a higher magnitude of the "dayuuum" factor
"Shit man, I was splackin' that ho all night. She got it goood."

"That chronic was so dope, my mind was splacked, thizzle-style..... heh heh"
by freshie_from_cali December 30, 2014
A person who is Spanish and black
Marquis from Everett is splack because he has no dad
by Johnny farmig November 30, 2013
Someone who is of combined heritage: hispanic and black. It's a portmanteau of the words "Spanish" and "Black" to form "Splack". Ironically, half the time they seem like neither. They may or may not use stereotypes of both cultures and combine them to form an Ultimate Minority. The term is meant in a humorous and non-racist way.
"Yeah, I'm half Spanish, half Haitian. Splack. It's easier to remember."

"By being Splack, I am a serious threat to the chicken population."
by J-Bug August 06, 2009
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