When you're doing a girl doggy style and close to climax, push her away, cum into your hand, when she turns round throw said cum into her face shouting 'SPIDER-MAN'
Damn right, totally Spider-manned her
by OCSWA December 09, 2010
(Verb) When one sex partner spooges into his palm and quickly lobs it at the other. Alternately, no sex partner is needed, just jizz and fling.
Rude prisoner: Gave that sucka guard a spider-man.

Randy-at-the-last: Unng unnh ahhh oohh! Here baby, catch! Hehehheh. Spider-man!

by Waer November 09, 2005
The act of jizzing in your hand after pulling out and then throwing it in your partner's eye.
Girl 1: Why are your eyes all red and swollen?
Girl 2: My boyfriend spiderman'd me last night.
by VK August 19, 2004
A sex move, where at the brink of climax, the man removes his 'junk' (lolz) from which ever hole he's chosen to pillage, put his dick on his wrist facing forward, and when he shoots a load off he makes his hands look like Spiderman's hands...this way it looks like you're shooting a think web outta your wrist.


it's pretty fuckin' hot, no?
OH shit! Johnny just pulled a Spiderman in the locker room showers! That fucker got it everywhere!
by Von Mannshaft November 05, 2008
Having masterbated, and caught the majority of sperm in your hand, you then launch your sperm in the required direction....just like spiderman does with his web!
That kid was doing my nut in, so I'd thought I'd get him back whilst he was asleep with a spiderman!
by Sillvino August 23, 2010
A man shoots his load into his hand, then throws it into his girlfriend face.
I just spiderman my girlfriend after having sex with her.
by alwaybeinme February 11, 2010
The act of ejaculating into your hand, then positioning your fingers with your thumb, index, and pinky pointed out; and your middle and ring finger curled under (as spiderman does when he shoots his web), then flinging it in the face of your partner.
I totally gave this chick the spiderman last night.
by phurba169 March 22, 2009

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