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A red basterd swingin' around buildings with spageti as ropes. The New York hero is red and blue...witch is ugly as hell.That big spider-freak asshole swingin' around is our fiendly neighborhood SPIDER-MAN. A weak geek started getting manly enoughf to go be bit by a spider that then he becomes a costumed man spider. And then there's a lot of vilans are runnig after that Gearge of the Jungle copyright.
MOM: Oh look a plane !
kid: what the hell that's a giant spider.
DAD: NO it's Superman !
retard: it's a giant dick?!?!
Spider-man: NO ! it's me your friendly neighborhood SPIDEY!
by Blubid April 21, 2008
5 51
probably the best handballER in the country. is the last "a" in ada, a group consisting of 3 superheros
LOOK! SPIDER-MAN is banging a hot chick again! wow..that's his 45th of the DAY!
by th3fla5h June 27, 2005
10 57
When a man, or woman, fingers a girl using his middle and ring finger. This makes the same shape "spider man uses to squirt his webs".
"Last night i pulled a "Spider Man" on this chick, i had her cuming in 2mins."
by Bo Ornelas January 18, 2008
46 96
A technique of fingering a girl. Similar to the spock. To perform the Spider Man, you insert your index finger up the pussy hole and your little finger up the ass and give it all you got... and voila!
spider man, spider man, does whatever a spider can...
by menthos chewing gum ltd. September 28, 2008
20 77
weak rip-off of Superman, the one true superhero. Also incorperates elements of Batman. A Clark Kent-ish kid, Peter Parker, develops superpowers in his teens (like Clark Kent) loses his uncle in an act of random crime (ala Batman) and dedicates his life to fighting crime (like Batman). Wears a blue and red costume (like Superman) works for a newspaper (like Superman) and has a rouges gallery that features a fat, bald multi-millionaire criminal (like Superman). Alter ego has to put up with abuse from cranky newspaper edior (like Superman). Infact, there isn't much torn from the pages of DC comics here. Spiderman is a rip-off. Much like every Marvel character has relied on DC Comics genuis, Spiderman is a poor mans Superman/Batman.

"Spiderman is the coolest character ever!"

"No. He's a rip-off of Superman and Batman. He sucks..."
by PepsiCola September 16, 2006
14 79
A naked prank. To preform this prank: 1. get naked; 2. find a commonly used door that is closed; 3. get on the side of the door so it opens away from you; 4. do a hand stand with your feet up agains the door jam with you facing towards it; 5. wait for a person to come through the door; 6. they get a face full of banus!!!!
wow that guy has done the spider man like 4 times and he doesn't even know anyone here. How admirable!!!!
by Sugar Jones March 19, 2005
50 148