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large, brown, circumcised penis
All women want to experience a ramon.
by tex February 26, 2005
the term gong show is widely used in the hockey locker rooms across canada. it has become the nickname of many out-of-control young men. while mainly used by hockey players, the common person may use it in everyday conversation. to be a gong show, one must be able to pull the chute, as well as be crazy, stupid, loud, obnoxious, annoying, out of control, confused, a frequent streaker, terribly unlucky, inept, a drunk, a lazy ass, or any combination of all of these
spence is a definite gongshow. tonight, at dinner before the game, he choked on a piece of chicken, coughed it up into his nasal cavity, blew it out his nose, and ate it again. in the game he got in a fight, broke a guys leg, and scored a goal. afterward, he put on his pink sunglasses and hopped in the shower with the team, then ran naked through the rink giggling like a little girl.
by tex July 24, 2004
old mexican sex technique. Man places his penis in womans mouth, vigorously humps her face. Kicks her in the back of the head and steals her cat.
How you were concieved
by tex February 26, 2005
When the stupid power company lacks the power grid capacity, and causes all my lights to flicker and resets my clocks and computers.
If I get another brown out, I'm going to firebomb the electric company.
by tex May 24, 2004
a guy who can fuck anyone up
beat ur ass tonymontana
by TEX January 11, 2004
to be so much more awsome that only one word can discribe, awsomer
i am much more awsomer than you
by Tex February 24, 2005
Heavy metal band that plays music about Death, Hell and Drugs. Also a form of rocket fuel used by drag racers in the 60's to add more punch to there nitro.
if you wan't music that you can listen to that will still scare the shit out of the religeous right then you want HYDROZEEN.
by tex February 06, 2004
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