Young male, who appears to spend a long time styling his hair, drives a sporty car, in a similar style to their relatives "the boy racers", dresses smart/casual, and is of a tanned complexion (if they are not tanned they will use fake tan). Spice boys have also been said to use phrases, so much to the point that only other spice boys can fully understand them, sometimes its as if they have their own language.

Spice Boys also enjoy the popped collar look
"Im poppin my collar" - spice boy
by Marco T. Baptist October 15, 2009
A young male, usually between the ages of 14 and 25, who is increasingly obsessed with his appearance.

The usual symptoms of a spice boy are a Justin Bieber hair cut (usually with a sweeping fringe), an apparent love for bands that they probably do not like, such as Noah and the Whale or The Kooks and they will usually be wearing a pair of Toms in various colours.

They can frequently be found in shops such as Jack Wills, Hollister and Topman or occassionally in Abercrombie and Fitch. They think that these brands make them look "hip", "cool" and "attractive" when in reality they are ruining these once loved labels.

The spice boy will almost always appear to be arrogant and cocky, and it is a tendancy of the spice boy to think that they can get any girl that they fancy with a flick of their over-hairsprayed hair. In fact, they are spineless and would not get any girl outside of their friend group. They are often known as "sheep" as they tend to follow the crowd.

It is a common misconception that the spice boy is "popular". This is not the case. Take away their Jack Wills gilet and their cockiness suddenly disappears. Their self esteem seems to depend on the amount of likes they get on their Facebook statuses and in particular their Facebook profile picture. In extreme cases, lack of "likes" can lead to depression and sometimes even suicide.
A spice boy is any male wearing a Jack Wills gilet, usually accompanied by a pair of "geek" glasses that are not required and Toms. Justin Bieber is one of the prime examples.
by A_daawg October 10, 2011
a young boy with highlights , fake tan, ear piersed, ect....
boy:nice jeans where did ya' get them
Spice Boy:River Island Shim' £ 80
boy: mine cost a fiver in penneys.
by aooiffe December 02, 2009
Is a male usually in his teens.
Arrogant, cocky, calls himself 'a lads lad', loves football, drinks on the weekend excess amounts of alcohol, wears clothes from shops run by asians like 'Profile and Image' and likes polo shirts with the collar up.
'Get your tits out for the lads!!'
'c'mon boys lets go down the local and get hammered!'
'i get my clothes from Profile ini, cheap as cider!'
'i aint no spice boy'
by screwyou May 11, 2008
A lad aged between 16 and 24 who walks around with a tight pink top on that would rip if he tensed and wearing some loose but not baggy jeans with bleech stains on them. sporting bleech blonde gelled half up and half stook to the face. walking down the street with his mp3/ipod in his ears walking to the beat of his music which would be rap/emo/rock/rnb anything and this boy would not be clased as anything hes just himself
me- omg hollie ive just seen kyle
hollie- hes such a spice boy
me- should of seen the state of his hair
hollie- i know yeah, did u see his pink top
by c_l_u_r August 30, 2005
A new type of lad which has spiralled in 2009, mostly all PR's in clubbing holiday locations have been following this trend. Often seen wearing all saints, Lye and Scott, or any expensive label to better themselves from the rest of the crowd. Tiny thin fabric scarfs, jeans rolled up to the knee, espadrilles or basket shoes, or jeans pinned in at the ankle. Girls vest tops that cling to their "defined" chests to show off their bodies and arms. Walks around acting like they could have any girl on their arm, very cocky and modest.
by appleapple August 31, 2009
the meaning of a spice boy is someone that wear snap backs, vests, high top shoes, expanders and super skinny jeans. They tend to work in herds together and all look very similar as they all have very dark skin due to the fake tan that they use. They use a lot of wax on there hair everyday for when they go out and will spend more effort on their appearance than they would on there school work/job.
you are a spice boy
by haleydadon December 08, 2014
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