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Usually teenage males who follow each other in a similar trend. They shop for expensive stuff in places like Topman, Republic etc and are usually arrogant and cocky. Often caught wearing expensive tops such as vests (to show off what muscle they may have), polos and normal t-shirts with stylish jeans and expensive trainers like Lacoste.

Summer time they can always be seen wearing a designer t-shirt or a vest with designer shorts and flip flops with sunglasses. Winter can be seen wearing jeans, designer jackets and sometimes scarfs and beanie hats with their hair coming out the sides.

Nowdays they are prone to straighten their hair and style if flat against their heads using wax, gel or hairspray. These are the type of boys you see posing in a restroom mirror taking photos of each other in poses.

Always a group of them in a cinema or shopping centre somewhere, often acting noisy and "full of it" - but some groups are often calm and nice lads.
"nice shoes shaun boy, how much were they mate?"
"Cheers mate, looking sexy as usual aint I!? 60 quid mate!"
"Is that it? My top cost more than that from River Island!"
"You spice boy!"

Looks like Zac Efron and Cristiano Ronaldo
by daveman16 August 17, 2008
A teen guy in high school or secondary school, who is obsessed with keeping fit and his 6 pack in tone. The opposite of a nerd, who nerds often envy for getting most of the girls. Similar to spice boys, but not so fussed on the clothing.
Usually found playing sport and being in the football, soccer, rugby squad. Sterotypically always have girls with them whilst they show off their bodies often. Can be clever at schoolwork, or sometimes can be the one who doesnt pay attention and wants to go out and play some ball.
Can be found wearing blazers (especially USA) with team logos on and sponsors etc. Typically handsome young guys.
Nerd-"That damn jock just stole the ball off me again!"
Guy-"Maybe thats because hes twice as fast as you as hes in the relay team!?"
by daveman16 August 17, 2008

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