n. Man sap
"You were born to worship my cock, and slurp on my knob, and tongue my fucken ballsack, and take my load of spew right in your fucken face!" (Rev. Marty Nation in R. Kern's "Fingered", 1986)
by Fred Rogers May 15, 2003
to project bile from ones stomach though the mouth, to vomit
"If you're going to spew, spew in this" -Wayne's World
by LandLord February 17, 2003
He spewed all over the floor
by TheNuke January 29, 2003
To spray semen with tremendous force.
I pulled my shaft from her ass, and hollared "Come here baby, and let me spew it in your eye".
by FrostyNutzz December 16, 2002
to ejaculate
i spewed in that prudish bitch's hair
by meattwinkee December 16, 2002
Someone or sumthing that is completely not legit.
"Yo did u no we have a test tomorow?"

"Yo that guy is so spew."
by Jake Horrowitz January 13, 2012
When The Gag Reaction Happens.
Guy 1:Hey Bro hit me up wit anuda round of miller light

Guy 2: Sure Here Ya' Go

Guy 1:*Slugs Beer*

Guy 2: Woah Hey Uh.... i Forgot That's Cat Piss, No I'm Dead Serious.

Guy 1: BLARRGH!!!!!!!!!!!!BLARRGHH!!!!!!

Guy 2: AW MAN YOU JUST SPEWED ON ME!!!!!!!!!!! :(
by g2gdude January 15, 2010

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