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Japanese word for okay

In english slang, used as:
1. It's okay.
2. I'm okay (not hurt).
3. That's fine.
*man bumps into woman*
by LandLord February 18, 2003
2.added at the end of every sentence
drugs are bad mmkay.
now, i want you boys to clean this up mmkay?
by LandLord February 18, 2003
Short for "Unreal Tournament 2003"
I'm gonna to go play UT2k3.
by LandLord February 18, 2003
something people use as an alternitive to w00t on a rare occasion
i pwned you. w00tx0r!
by LandLord February 18, 2003
to project bile from ones stomach though the mouth, to vomit
"If you're going to spew, spew in this" -Wayne's World
by LandLord February 17, 2003
A coward....someone who is afraid of everything.
Doanhoe (Poet) is such a willow because he refuses to make out with girls...only men.
by Landlord February 12, 2004

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