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Have you ever been on the online game club penguin?
Well this noob is somebody you want to avoid
He'll give you a big lecture if you have a beta and then say gay in the first part of your club penguin accounts name
Such as gayputt, gay wolf, gayness93 etc.
Speliers made club penguin turn upside down the second he made his account. CP probably had another noob alert and put his account on hold. While over on xat, they got an email alert from him about a certain scam from a mr putt putt. Apparently xat didn't give enough of a fuck to help him out, so they sent him a little gift basket containing a card that says "sorry" and 200 xats.

Speliers is a noob

if you every see anybody being a noob you must warn them about being a speliers
Kid: hey dude whassup
Person: not much dude
Kid: I just got scammed

Person: oh no really? :O
Kid: yea, now I'm gonna go make a picture stating that person scams kekeke
Person: uh dude, don't be a speliers
by Slywolfsly March 29, 2010
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