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When a man hits the womans uvula repeatedly with his cock
My favorite part of foreplay is the Speed Bagging
by The Ghostface May 10, 2008
When a girl is giving head on her knees whilst the man stands, and she punches the scrotum repeatedly like a boxer punching a speed bag.
Hilary: So last night me and Ryan went out to dinner...
Friend: How was it?
Hilary: That asshole was staring at the waitress' ass the whole time, but i played it cool. So when we got home he thought he was just getting a BJ, but when i got on my knees I gave 'em a good old fashioned speedbagging.
by REad Kobayashi May 27, 2009
To diddle the clit rapidly until orgasm. The act takes on the visual of a boxer hitting the speed bag. Also known as "speed bagging the clit" or "speed bag the clit"
You say you're eating her out yet no orgasm yet? Are you not speed bagging her? Well, then there's your problem, many women need their clit speed bagged to reach orgasm.
by WeezieCletusBBH May 02, 2009
The act of quickly tea bagging individuals from a high speed carousel.
Cooter was successfully speed bagging at least 9 people from the merry go round! Did you see that?!

Man! I was standing too close to the merry go round and got hit upside the head by that speed bagging fool!
by Penelope Storm July 02, 2012
When instead of deepthroating you just rapidly jab around the back of a girls tonsils. Flicking them back and forth like a boxer with a speedbag.
She wouldn't let me go balls deep so I had to go speedbagging around in there. Deepthroat
by mrb2212 July 12, 2010
The act of beating your woman's pussy up like you're in a wrestling ring.
lick_my_double_dz: I want my man to beat my twat like he was in a wrestling ring but not make it bleed..I want some speedbagging on my vagina
by xshortyx September 22, 2010
when two men use a double headed dildo and bottom out on each others ball sacks.
Christen watched Ian and Ty speed bagging all day till there balls where sore.
by stanimous September 26, 2011
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