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In online games, and in FPSs especially, somebody hangs around near an enemy spawnpoint and kills players as soon as they appear, rendering them lame.
Spawn camping is not to be confused with normal camping, which is a legitimate tactic, unless you are camping right on top of a powerful or lame weapon spawn point, in which case it is not a legitimate tactic and is called 'whoring'.
I keep getting killed by that fucking spawn camper.
by NoXion March 26, 2005
An online FPS (first person shooter) player who positions himself in a way to immediately 'kill' a player who has just (re)entered the game.

An online FPS (first person shooter) player who positions himself in a way that prevents a player from leaving his beginning (spawn) area without 'dying'.
Joey-From-The-Block is a spawn camper.
by Anonymous July 14, 2003
A weak, talentless player who in order to increase his/her own kill count relies on respawning players as easy targets.
We have a 'spawncamper' in our base!
Someone get that spawn camper!
by Bunneh July 09, 2003
Wusses who cluster around opposing side's spawn point in online FPS games.
by BeautifulTerror May 15, 2003
a cheap ass player...aka n00b
"Spawn camping shows that u dunno how to play at all"
by Dirge February 13, 2005
One, who in any online multi-player game, rests in his spawning area.
Derf=funbags' team mates proceeded to the bridge to battle the CTs. While Derf=funbags remained at T spawn and waited for the CTs.
by Sath March 24, 2003
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