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In online games, and in FPSs especially, somebody hangs around near an enemy spawnpoint and kills players as soon as they appear, rendering them lame.
Spawn camping is not to be confused with normal camping, which is a legitimate tactic, unless you are camping right on top of a powerful or lame weapon spawn point, in which case it is not a legitimate tactic and is called 'whoring'.
I keep getting killed by that fucking spawn camper.
by NoXion March 26, 2005
A live grenade, esp one that has it's pin removed and handle flown.
Holy shit it's a hot potato!
by NoXion March 26, 2005
Noun: An absolutely fucking sweet kick-ass space simulator that not only contains the solar system, but comes with some extrasolar planets and the ability to create your own stars, solar systems, nebulae, galaxies, and practically any other space object you can think of.
Ideal for world-builders, astronomy enthusiasts and utter nerds.
What's more, it's freeware. Get it from www.shatters.net/celestia.
The latest version is hard to find but worth downloading, as it accurately represents binary stars.
I used Celestia to create my own fictional universe.
by NoXion March 26, 2005
Popular fantasy franchise masquerading as science fiction. Features archaic and unrealistic political structures (Monarchies, empires) for galaxy-spanning civilisations. Technology includes armoured vehicles that would get seriously pwned by 21st century human technology, spacecraft with hideously under-powered and and low-range weapons (Even WWII battleships fought at greater ranges!) Small arms no self-repecting soldier would be found dead with (Low powered blasters that fire 'laser' bolts that fly as fast as arrows, no decent kinetic weapons like assault rifles, railguns and gauss guns)
Completely unrealistic 'force' powers (Hence fantasy not sci-fi) Superweapons that have to be the size of small moons in order to destroy planets (Ever heard of anti-matter?) And basically an overall grip of the realities of science, sociology and biology (Humanoid aliens are present - Star Trek is the worse offender for this though) that's as shaky as his Holiness the Pope. And he's pretty shaky.
The Star Wars films are fun to watch, but don't fool yourself into thinking it's sci-fi.
by NoXion March 26, 2005
The term white supremacists for race mixing. Miscegenation is based on a misunderstanding of genetics; that the superficial differences between various human social groups actually means something on a genetic level. Humans are in fact remarkably homogenous worldwide ( Moore, Randy, 2004. The dark side of creationism. The American Biology Teacher 66(2): 85-87.)
You can have as many children with whites and non-whites as you wish because frankly, it doesn't matter.
by NoXion March 26, 2005
The universe in which TOS, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise inhabit.
It is a universe very much centered on social rather than scientific possibilities, due to various budget constraints it could not portray very many non-humanoid lifeforms that weren't energy beings. It attempts to seem scientifically sophisticated via copious amounts of technobabble that has only a tenuous link to theoretical concepts of today. It's spacecraft suffer the same problems as Star Wars, having low range weapons of poor firepower. Kinetic weapons are few and far between despite being superior in almost every way to phasers, and as in Star Wars, melee weapons larger than a knife make a mysterious return. The human political system is more akin to a socialist dictatorship than a free and fair society, and one can only hope that the Borg (Who would have their asses kicked by 21st century armies, btw) will assimilate them all and end the entire melodrama.
Star Trek is a vision of an alternate future where brains where bred out of humanity.
by NoXion March 26, 2005

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