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Spatter is known as spam tweets on Twitter.
I am tired of the 'You have won a new iPhone' spatter on Twitter.
by amnesiavictim December 30, 2011
To spray ones toilet bowl with diarea, sometimes incurring splash back onto cheeks of ass
Dam someone just sprayed spatter all over the bowl
by bird_man11 June 12, 2005
spatter is a term used to describe access shit that sprays from your asshole as you either lay a turd or make a failed attempt to fart but it ends in a shart. this incident is most commonly encountered when you are a fatass and or lost a bet with your rectum
i thought i was just going to drop some kids off at the pool but in fact it turned out to be just a huge wet shart that left spatter all over ernie's bathroom. he never forgave my fatass.
by Chief Running-Wolf June 18, 2009
1)To spit on your cock for lube during sexytimes.

2)To cough a load out while in mid blow job causing your jiz to spray on your balls
"That chick was so dry I had to spatter my cock just to tip it in!
"I tagged the back of her throat right as I shot a load and she spatterd all over my balls"
by Beef Stuart July 24, 2008
to cum unexpectedly
sorry honey i didnt mean to spatter in the cereal
by zinger February 25, 2003
when u fart and it is soo wet, the fart turns into a spray and spatters onto ur underwear.
u can also desend ur pantalones and aim ur spatter and make the recpient a shit face
Tyrone:Shit nigga was dat smell?

T dog:DAMN HOMIEEE i just spattered on myself
by koombez kid April 24, 2007
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