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Macau SAR of China was a Portugese colony from the 16th century to 1999. It is one of the most open economies in the World according to the IMF.Also known as Las Vegas of the East.
Catch a boat from HongKong and you will be in Macau in two hours.
by zinger January 24, 2005
a fuss
Oh she has to make a big stink about everythin!!
by zinger February 25, 2003
synonym for pussy, snatch, cunt, love box, "The Hole", twat, "The Grand Canyon", or vagina
"You are such a fucking shmuy."
by Zinger January 31, 2004
A system perfected by JP for the oral pleasure of a woman. involved "stirring the pussy with a finger" and giving the clit a "blow job."
Damn, JP did the technique on that woman and almost knocked her out. She came so hard, her head turned purple and her pussy pucker for an hour.
by Zinger May 14, 2003
see Three Layer Approach.
Usually done on Saturday Nights.
It is saturday and my ass it like astroturf. I strip metal with that motherfucker. Time to shave the ass.
by Zinger May 14, 2003
to cum unexpectedly
sorry honey i didnt mean to spatter in the cereal
by zinger February 25, 2003

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