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A person who has spunk and/or a feisty attitude.
That girl is a real sparkplug.
by Aninjaninja June 01, 2010
A gay pole dancer who is always skiving off his school work or jobs. Works nights down on the streets and will give good rough, enlightening shag to anyone, including kittens. This sort of person also likes a bit of Strawberry Shortcake Some people worship this manly tart, they're all inside this special temple (SparkPlugs Liposuction Home).
"What religion are you down with?"

"Omg, you're such a Sparkplugs! Suck my balls and make me a milkshake for a tenner!!"
by life'sahardgametoplay March 03, 2009
When an electrically charged object is shoved up your asshole, causing premature ejaculation and anal leakage.
Wow, Bob squealed like a bitch when he was sparkplugged by Sutter. Oww
by Cajun Sprocketer September 16, 2005
Another name for a man's testes.
I was hoping to get lucky today, but my spark plugs are misfiring.
by jammyman December 31, 2009
(verb) when a sparky dances up on you, bends you over, and grinds your brains out
I was spark plugged last night and kind of liked it.
by Mista Mistaaa May 29, 2010
An adult beverage carefully mixed from one ounce Jagermeister, and one ounce Sparks Premimum malt beverage, and taken as a shot.
Hey Bro, jagerbombs are for pussies, lets have a sparkplug
by Pauly From Norfolk September 03, 2006
A great person that is seen around the internet alot.
Hey! There's goes Sparkplug!
by Crunchy Cheetos November 29, 2004
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