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Probably the best feckin' thing that will happen to you on a Saturday night.
"Man, those people from Ireland sure know how to spike the tea!"
by ColonelJ January 31, 2004
Def. 1: A part of the automobile

Def. 2: ColonelJ's youngest cat, who is also the feline reincarnation of Hitler, hence his nickname "Kitler".
"Dude, my sparkplugs are shoved up my ass!"

"Sparkplug! Get back here, you little @$$hole..."
by ColonelJ February 01, 2004
Def.: What happens when you drink too much Nesquick chocolate milk with no booze.
"Oh, man! I got piss-ass drunk from drinking too much chocolate milk! Believe me, I'm from East Tenneessee, and you'll find some of the weirdest mother @#$%ers there.
by ColonelJ February 01, 2004
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