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The area of the mind where memories of hot individuals or erotic moments you've experienced are stored and remembered later during masturbation.
Jordan, did you see those girls making out? Bet you'll add that one to the spank tank.
by Peter Urban April 24, 2006
n. 1. The butt. In the same way a gas tank is filled up with gas, the spank tank may be filled up with a good spanking.

2. The mental database of naughty images to which one can spank the monkey when more conventional pornography is not, uh, "at hand."
1. Yo baby, come over here and lemme fill up yer spank tank.
2. My mom threw away all my porno mags. Now I have to rely on my spank tank.
by SkidMarkyMark May 05, 2006
The name for a bunk shrouded by sheets in a deployed desert location in Southeast Asia. Affectionately given its name for the amount of privacy afforded to rub one out.
Teague just got off the line. Expect him to bunk out in his spank tank for the rest of the evening.
by KCskyhigh10 January 30, 2011
The reserve of sexual images or thoughts used for masturbation. Similar to a gas tank, but imaginary and naughty.
"Did you see that girl's tits?"
"Oh yeah! That's some definite fuel for the spanktank."
by Stumanji September 01, 2010
A spank tank is a small private booth with T.V. monitors where people watch adult movies and masturbate in an Adult shop.
John entered the Adult Shop, walked to the back of the store to the "spank tanks" to masturbate while watching a movie.
by mz.tamara March 26, 2010
Noun: (1)a military vehicle(LAV) used for the express purpose of nasturbation typically found in deployed settings to boost the morale of male soldiers, never cleaned...think about it....possesses distinct functified smell
" Pollie Bear is the quickest person in the Spank Tank."

"Fernie never goes to the Spank Tank he only uses his wack shack, he's high class."

"The Spank Tank is for public use, but a wack shack is for private enjoyment."
by Lamelogic July 12, 2009
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