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The word spaint generally refers to a deficit of maintenance.

Word Origin & History: a word coined in 2007, spaint is a derivative of the word spent intended to exaggerate the original meanings of spent with several additional connotations, which can be derived from context of usage. Spaint is a versatile word that can function as any part of speech except as a pronoun, preposition, or conjunction.

noun. spaint a spaint
1. a person, place, or thing in an unmaintained state.
2. a spaint; a person who habitually lacks maintenance.

adjective. spaint
1. a modifier describing something or someone in an unmaintained state.

verb. spaint, spainting , spainted
1. to become spaint; to act in such a way so as to decrease the level of maintenance of a person, place, or thing.
2. to willfully achieve a state of altered consciousness, diminished sobriety, or questionable maintenance.
3. to spend money or use resources unwisely.

adverb. spaintly

1. to do something in a spaint manner

interjection spaint!
1. an exclamation used to describe a general lack of maintenance or to bring others' attention to either a general or particular instance of lacking maintenance.
1. "Its not going to be a good day today, I feel spaint in the air."
2. "Don't smoke meth, George; you don't want to become a spaint."
3. "After drinking too many PBRs, George became a spaint son."
4. "I can't believe Peter spaint his bike into the wet concrete, how could he not see it."
5. "George spaint himself on the crack pipe."
6. "George spaint all his money on soda, and all his time watching television."
7. "George drove the golf cart so spaintly he crashed it into a sand trap."
8. "In response to George's crash-landing in the sand trap, his passenger Will turned to him and yelled 'spaint!'"
by spaintson May 07, 2013
Adj: Something that is broken or not working properly.
The escalator is spaint again.
by DNUNZ December 15, 2007
Being generally out of it
man that guy needs to get his shit together, so spaint!
by dsimmsdad April 24, 2010
When a girl who uses spray tan gets a little overzealous and ends up with a spray tanned taint.
Guy 1: "How was that girl you hooked up with last night?" Guy 2: "She had a great ass but when the thong came off i saw her spaint."
by taint slayer May 15, 2010
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