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An individual that discriminates, or holds an unfounded bias against sci-fi movies, books, or fans. Typically anything space-ship, robot, or future related is the target of ridicul or strange looks from Spacists.
Spacist: "I can't believe you watch Battlestar galactica, you're so lame, and so is that show!"
by Owen Allerton October 18, 2006
A person with a prejudiced belief that one species is superior to others... a space racist.
captain kirk hates klingons, he is a spacist.
by deadpandas May 22, 2011
It's when you're in a multicultural situation and you appear aloof and reserved. You may come across as racist, but you really just want your own space.
Xiao: "What's the matter? Don't u like Asians Craig?"
Craig: "Yeah, I'm not a racist baby bum, I'm just a spacist.. We'll kick it up later for sh!ts, giggles and nibbles, is that ok?"
by The_Stuff_Dreams_Are_Made_Of September 05, 2008
Prejudice against how much space someone takes up whether they are too fat, too skinny, too tall, or too short.
Person 1: you should go out with Kaitlyn.
Person 2: No way! She's way too fat.
Person 1: Woah! Let's not be spacist.
by Technologically capable Amish August 24, 2015
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