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*watch fight club* u dumb ass cockbunny..
(look up cockbunny)
"you look like a monkey ready to be shot into space,, Space monkey" *slap*
by space monkey September 02, 2003
Someone so into New Age ideas, psychedelics, or other alternative thought system that he or she becomes out of touch with reality. Also called Space Case.
Roommate: Are you even paying attention to me? You need to pay your share of the electric bill, NOW.
Space Monkey: Have you ever asked yourself, does the electric bill even exist, or is it all in our minds? What is a bill made of? If the bill could sing, what would be its song?
Roommate: Dude, that's it, I'm kicking you out, you flippin' space monkey.
by Christine Breese April 14, 2008
Danny has bananahands and moonboots. Therefore, Danny must be a space monkey.
"Oh man, Danny is such a space monkey."
by vo March 15, 2005
1. a sexual position where not many body parts touch the ground
2. a monkey in space.
1.if u put ur 2 main fingers on both hands together u'll get the idea.
by caidian March 05, 2005
A man dressed in a small, figure hugging dress and, hopefully, a monkey hat who was employed to start the skanking and/or moshing at expectations:low's early gigs.
Although the term originated here(in this particular useage), it is now used for many dancers employed by ska bands.
He skanked like the Space monkey!
by Jimmy McMonkey December 11, 2003
An emo kid that refuses to do anything or pay attention to reality; always has a blank stare on his or her face; everything is in slow motion.

see pterodactyl or porch monkey
Oh man that kid is such a space monkey!

I ran into him and he just stared at me like a complete space monkey.
by Rob Bob May 22, 2008
To tickle under a girls boob.
you go up to a girl calmy then SPACE MONKEY... do you really need more of an example?
by you.don't.need.to.know.my.name November 13, 2007