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21 definitions by unidyne

To attack someone with great martial art skill. (A sideways tribute to Jeet Kune Do founder Bruce Lee).
Keep it up, and I'll go Bruce Lee on your ass!
by unidyne November 25, 2003
To lash out violently and at random, often in a blind rage. Term taken from the 1990's incidents of workplace violence involving US Postal System workers.
I was so angry at work with the new workload, I was afraid I'd go postal.
by Unidyne March 11, 2005
A state of surrealism, where things that should not make sense seem to do so. Term taken from the 1960's TV show hosted by writer Rod Serling.
Carl just found out that his father, the one he thought was dead, is still alive! How Twilight Zone can you get!
by Unidyne December 14, 2003
Term used in the gaming (gambling) industry to describe gratuities given to frequent gamblers or high-rollers. Trunication of "complimentary" and often used as a verb.
Harry's uncle got comped a steak dinner at Harrah's after winning at Craps.
by Unidyne September 17, 2004
The area code of Metropolitan Las Vegas, Nevada. Often used as reference to Las Vegas.
James went out to 702 and blew a wad at the casinos!
by unidyne November 25, 2003
Trunication of "Las Vegas". Used often in reference to the city in Nevada, or the lifestyle of the late 1950's that typified the "Rat Pack" era.
I blew money at a casino, saw a stage show, got drunk at a bar and got lucky with a cute lady. I guess you could say I had the Vegas experience.
by Unidyne March 11, 2005
An unlikely and absurdly designed machine intended to perform a simple function in the most complicated and indirect way. Named in honor of Reuben Lucius Goldberg (1883-1970), an engineer with the City of San Francisco Water and Sewers Department who became a Pulitzer-Prize winning cartoonist, sculptor and author. His long-running comic strip, "Inventions", displayed many such devices of his own design.
My Grandfather built his own fuel injector with a Rube Goldberg set-up made of old plumbing parts.
by Unidyne December 29, 2003