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a game in which the main objective is to make the other person pass out, for fun.
to play this, the person who wishes to pass out breaths into a sweatshirt or something else for 20-30 seconds to make them slightly oxygen deprived. They then hold their breath while the other player pushes their stomach hard until the oxygen deprivation causes them to pass out.
Do not attempt this without someone willing to catch you as you fall to the ground due to fainting.
guy- hey lets play space monkeys
other guy-alright sounds cool
(45 seconds later)
guy- it didnt work(as he passes out falling toward a bed)
other guy- oh shit (luckily he was there to prevent guy from breaking neck)
by kburb November 15, 2006
to be extremely gay, basically as gay as you can get
Justin Timberlake-gay as nails
by kburb October 11, 2006
to blow a load in a massive proportion. So big that it looks like it happened at an Imax theater.
-Dude I so just Imax'd all over the place!
~So filth
by kburb November 14, 2007
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