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An extremely white town filled with racists rednecks. Just the mere mention of Detroit fills the residents with fear. Main points of interest include a faggety little parade during Pumpkinfest, a shoddy little museum where the train used to run through. 2 high schools which are of vastly different qualities one having walls you can break through, the other recently built has plasma tvs and overall better facilities.

The one main actual amazing part of South Lyon is the South Lyon Hotel, originally a hotel it is now a kick-ass restaurant all but dedicated to its late manager Paul Baker.

All in all a place you cruise by on the Highway.
Between Mt.Brighton and Walmart (New Hudson) lays the terrible land know as South Lyon!

Ex. Confederate flags are flown in South Lyon despite few people in it knowing what century the Civil War took place.

Ex.Person 1: You want to go to South Lyon?
Person 2:As much as I'd like a nail through my skull.
by ThePolishAtheist February 03, 2011

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Was once Hicksville until all the little townspeople fucked and made babies, and now its a mix between wannabe novi preps and poser punks, along with a whole load of old people who complain all damn day because of all the changes due to their own kids, and then write letters to the newspaper- thinking people actually read that shit. Hey if you dont like it here, MOVE DUMBASS!!!!!!
South Lyon is da shizziest place to live.

South Lyon people are old and smell like turd.
by SouthLyonChic June 03, 2004