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A country person with a backwards mentality. A person who ignores street sense and makes their actions sound fly when it isn't.

Terms someone who's "souf" would use:

1) It ain't trickin if you got it. (Wrong. You got it and your tricking it off)

2) Ima REAL nigga! (But your white friend says nigga?)

3) I didn't snitch, I just told the truth.
Sentence: It ain't tricking if you got it! Reply:Shut your SOUF azz up!
by phe3 October 05, 2013
the only side that you are allowed to rep, under penalty on lynch. official 25/7 reppers: chick foster, tim gregg, grace jensen-moran.

May also be used as an exclamation.. as in, "SOUF, DOG!"

Also used in adjectives to make them more soufalicious aka. ridicusouf (ridiculous), soufmazing (amazing)

For the most part, souf is a completely undefinable word, but w/e, SOUF ^P
Chick Foster: ayyy tim I was just down in bethesda and dis north repper was buckin at me
Tim Gregg: damn chick you better have lynched him or else ima have to lynch ur black ass
Grace Jensen: yeah dont worry, chick lynched him good nd I was just chanting souf the whole time
by soufsfuosofusoufsofu October 14, 2008
me - You have have to promise not to tell anyone ok?
her- I swear!
me- Souf?
her- Of course,
by rajmang113 February 24, 2009
where i be liven and dan lives in the dirty dirty souf!!!
yeah my whitey
by eric frost June 07, 2003

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