A literary device used to initiate conversation with a female
SoHo…you gunna suck me off or what?
by FreddyMcV March 23, 2007
A blending of the word sorority and the shortened slang term for whore. A girl willing to screw her way to the top either financially or socially regardless of the consequences to herself or her friends.
Samantha and I are good friends, but get a few drinks in her and she's a total Soho. Watch your back !
by Dan January 10, 2004
A slang term for South Holland, a village in Cook County, Illinois, in Chicago's southland.
Where around Chicago do you live?
I'm from SoHo!
by littlebird February 15, 2007
Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, it is a project of international cooperation between ESA and NASA to study the Sun, from its deep core to the outer corona, and the solar wind.
SOHO helps us know when there will be a solar storm.
by Al "The Computer Guy" May 17, 2004
the chill cabin in the south
lets go to SoHo...nah, Binnicle is closer
by SoHo ho 1 March 13, 2005
A store in a mall that sells fine jewelry.
When i was at Westroads Mall we went into soho.
by kristi March 01, 2005
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