An area in the centre of the West End of London, England, in the City of Westminster. It is an area of approximately one square mile bounded by Oxford Street to the north, Regent Street to the west, Shaftesbury Avenue to the south and Charing Cross Road to the east. Formerly known as Londons Red light District and famous for it's sex shops but now more famous for it's restaurants and clubs.
The college friends decide on a night out in soho to see a live sex show
by Big Dave 999 January 23, 2008
Sorority girls with ho-like tendencies. In other words, a girl involved in Greek life.
Last night I stuffed 15 drunk Zeta SoHo's in my smart car.
by Fratyboi August 18, 2011
When a boat goat or frog hog mix and match Team guys and Boat Guys over a period of time.
Hey guys you hear what happened last weekend? Jennie is now a SO-HO! Laughs ensue
by MarySwanson August 05, 2011
SoHo = Sock Hop
When a group of buddies have a double (sex) date while wearing condoms. After climax they switch mates to climax in their same condoms. Replace or change of the condom is a party foul. May include more than 2+ sexual pairs.
Dude 1:Was in Soho for 5 hrs before i realized Dan and betty didn't call out Banana.
Dude 2: IKR
by Gumbie and Pokie October 30, 2010
south Hoboken new york
yo dawg let's go down to so-ho
by j-hud March 20, 2005
a term for a guy or girl
towards a guy means (goodlooking but cocky/asswhole)
towards a girl means (whore/acting slutish)
did you see amy at the club last night she was totally acting like a soho.

wow i talked to kenny lastnight i like him but he's such a soho
by liyah foster April 08, 2011
a ridiculously good looking man. typically an asshole, and almost always a guido.
heather:"oh my god check out that guy right there."
Brittany:"yeahhh hes such a Soho."
by brittsexy August 07, 2010

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