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A sexual maneuver that will require a minimum of 1 (one) male participant(s). This maneuver will require a male to take a huge dookie on the concave portion of the opposite participant's torso. This is followed by a piss and a fresh load in the same portion of the torso. This must be then stirred by an erect phallus. There are also many variations of the Nixon. Examples are: Nixon's Last Breath, Nixon's Last Stand, The Red Nixon (not recommended,) Nixon Does America, Nixon On The Rocks, and The Nixon Casserole.
After I fucked that bitch she was talking kinky. So I performed the Soggy Nixon on the concave portion of that hoe's torso.
by S&R Breweries Ltd. July 12, 2006
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When you fish all of the pubic hair out of the shower drain, forming it into a nice ball of Nixon Administration, then proceed to have sex with it. Jizz all over it and let the Nixon times roll. Throwing it at someones face is considered the best course of action.
Man 1: Hey Bro, what's soggier than a Soggy Sailor?

Man 2: Gee Man, I don't know.

Man 1: A Soggy Nixon! *Sploosh*
by Sean139 October 07, 2007
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