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a group of males sit in a circle and jerk off onto the same waffle which is placed at the center of the circle, the last one to release his seminal fluids on the waffle must consume it, thus eating a waffle which is soggy because of everyones semen
last night i played soggy waffle, not once, not twice, but thrice
by mike November 13, 2003
This occurs as a result of when bored college students with crude humor (and no beer), and a fresh box of ego's come into play at a social gathering of the masses, a.k.a. a shindig or guy's night, where the participants thus sit around in a circle, or half circle for the more experienced games due to longer projection, and bop the one-eyed weasel whilst cocks are pointed at the specimen, usually a waffle, or a pancake if you like to mess up a good game do to lack of following the instructions, and thus calling the game Soggy Pancake, which is not as funny and we're still wasting time. The gallient players beat their meat until the ejaculant from every player but one has landed upon the waffle making it soggy. The last guy who couldn't "keep it up" must ritually end the game by consuming the waffle at once. And behold, another game commence!
And lo, sir Edward didst COME last in the recreational activities of the prestigious Soggy Waffle, and he did maketh a face of detest whilst consuming the warm goo upon the waffle's exterior, and there was much rejoicing.
by SirLarryCody2009 August 11, 2008
a game where all men cum onto a waffle and the last person to cum has 2 eat the waffle; MASON'S favorite game.
Mason finished last when cummin on the waffle so he had 2 eat it.

Mason purposely lost the game so he could enjoy a nice meal for breakfast.
by J 0 K A February 02, 2005
A game in which players must ejaculate on a waffle over and over, until the last player who fails to produce sperm, must consume the waffle product.
After two rounds of soggy waffles, Joe had to consume the endproduct of a well played game.
by WNetwork June 02, 2004
A girl with a ass that looks like a soggy waffle
Wow she is a soggy waffle
by Samsam12370 February 28, 2016
When you take a shit and flush but it's a clogger and you leave it for the next person to discover.
The whole house reeked when I arrived home and I soon discovered my sister left me to the duties of disposing a soggy waffle left in the toilet bowl.
by 4JJKBMKJWPÑ January 17, 2014
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