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The opposite of a hard-on; when a penis is not erect and its size is unpredictable.
I had a boner, but then I thought of Susan Boyles naked, and it became a soft-on again.
by Tikibarberfan March 10, 2010
A flacid (limp) penis. Antonym: hard-on. A soft-on is generally produced by a woman with absolutely no sexual appeal.
Rosie O'Donnel gives me a real soft-on.
by headbaker May 28, 2003
The state of the penis in between the flacid state and an erection. The penis usually looks huge at this time but still soft.
Omg! Your penis is huge!

Oh I just have a soft-on.
by JohnnyPops February 17, 2009
To completely drain the image of arousal from a man's penis. ie opposite to hard on
Man! look a t that stockers she just gave me the biggest soft on ive ever experienced!!
by Anonymous June 11, 2003
From having a hard-on to being turned off by something sexually and having it go floppy..
'I was ready to go, then i saw her hairy minge and i got a soft on...'
by Evil-Ernie May 29, 2003
an unexpected loss of an erection; opposite of hard-on.
"Things were getting pretty hot until Marcy farted; the smell gave me a total soft-on."
by Z.J. Henderson October 30, 2007
When you are attracted to a girl, but only as a friend either because she practices chastity or does not want to have sex before she marries. Can also be used for items that you like, but you don't love.
I have such a soft-on for Emma, but she only wants to be a friend.

Eh, Dairy Queen? I only have a soft-on for froyo tonight.
by MrSinger186 April 09, 2011
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