For many years soap was thought to be a cleaning product made from pig fat and sodium. This theory has now been proved to be mostly true. In fact, after some extensive research I have found this theory on the internet so it must be completely true.

However there has been one eminent scientist who has challenged this theory over the last few years and has split the scientific community by almost a million to one. Dr Butterfield of Sheffield, England claims in his latest book “Soap don’t eat it its real” that “Soap is basically made of bubbles”. After years of pain staking research Dr Butterfield eventually got hold of some soap. This led him to write an article in the popular scientific journal “Neo Nonsense” titled “Why is there no Superdrug in Sheffield”. This, some say, is the final nail in the coffin of the so called “Pig Fat” theory as there are clearly plenty of Superdrugs in Sheffield. During an exclusive interview I had with Dr Butterfield in the research lab of his Sheffield University he calls “The Puzzle Factory” I asked “What’s all this bubble stuff about”. After about three hours, and I confess I was getting a little hungry, Dr Butterfield came up with the following observation “When you rub soap on your body this produces bubbles. These bubbles don’t appear from thin air”. A confused look appeared on Dr Butterfields face and he promptly fell asleep.

So we have two conclusive theories one is based on pure fact, the other is the figment of an overactive fictional mind. Clearly this debate is going to rage for many years.
Real Person> "I think i'll have a wash"

Dr Butterfield> "No don't that soap is made of bubbles"
by TheGell June 16, 2006
Top Definition
Something you better not drop in jail!
John dropped the soap, and bubba played him like an untuned piano.
by Roshi April 27, 2003
An abbreviation for "Same Opposite Always Positive" used in math to simplify the process of factoring polynomials.

SOAP refers to whether the sign before a variable should be positive or negative.
(a^3+b^3) = (a+b)(a^2-ab+b^2)
(a^3-b^3) = (a-b)(a^2+ab+b^2)

Wayne, are you ready for the math test next period?
Aw man! I'm such a chode stroker, I never learned how to use soap. I'm going to fail!
by BillyGile August 23, 2010
Don't drop this at all. In your home, on a vacation, ESPECIALLY not in prison. When you pick it up, you will most likely expose your asshole, which in turn will cause a sweaty fat gay pig to hold you down and rape the fuck out of ya. THe best thing to do is to either use a soap on a rope, or RUN LIKE A SHIT before it hits the ground.
Guy 1- Oops.
Pig- Your soap dropped nigga. Pick it up.
by Proctor Protector April 11, 2006
A chemical agent, designed to cleanse one of his/her external filth, thus removing all outside suspicion of one’s internal grime.
Examples of soap include: Irish Spring, Ivory, Dial, Zest etc.
by nethcev! August 23, 2006
A type of writing AP Language and Composition teachers like to ask you to do for a book during summer. SOAPS stands for subject, occasion, audience, purpose, and speaker.

Subject - What is this about?

Occasion- What happened to cause this to be said/written? Why was it recorded?

Audience- Who is the intended audience?

Purpose- Why was this spoken/written? What purpose does it serve?

Speaker- Who is the speaker or author?

All in all, SOAPS gives students hell.
Joe: FUCK! I have to finish my SOAPS for AP Language and Composition!

Nick: Damn dude. GL. School is tomorrow. It took me like 8 hours!

by kwokings033 May 17, 2010
1. Fake crack.
2. Derived from the fact that crack is often counterfeited with soap.
3. Anything that is sold as crack but is not.
Fred went to get a 20 rock and ended up smoking soap.
by Ford Lawnmower October 20, 2007
Short for Snakes on A Plane. A movie staring Samuel L. Jackson in which an assassin releases hundreds of snakes on a plane in order to kill a witness.
From the movie s.o.a.p:

"I've had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!"
by Snorp March 29, 2006
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