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A person who is very inebriated and may act like a dooch or a bull-dyke. The creative aspect of the word is that it allows you to modify it depending on the severity of drunkness.
Dammmnnn, that bitch is soaked

Yo dude! You are soaking wet, you need a towel.

Freakin sponge dripping all over the place.(Used for excessive hammered-ness)

Wow! What a soak!

That doosch is a wash cloth

Vrooom! Vroooom
by Sires St December 21, 2009
30 32
When the penis is put in the vagina but there is no pumping or thrusting, so it seems less like sex. Preferred form of premarital sex for mormons.
She didn't wanna have sex but she let me soak for 20 minutes.
by blamo212299 May 27, 2010
171 85
a heavy booze drinker. One who drinks up any/all alcohol that is available not sparing even one tiny drop.
She was a soak at the party. After she finished all the Rum and Vodka, she polished off the Gin.
by Norge1 May 24, 2005
78 43
Means in high fashion or looking good
Damn cuddy them j's soak as hell
by double'o January 17, 2014
2 0
The Source of All Knowledge. (Wikipedia)

Can also be used as a verb: To SOAK meaning to use the SOAK to acquire information.
"I'm going to the SOAK because I don't know anything about the absolute ruler, Louis XIV."

"Who is Aung San Suu Kyi?"
"I do not know, perhaps you should SOAK it."

by midget in the playground October 30, 2007
25 24
The Source of All Knowledge
AKA - The Internet

The place from which any question can be answered, given you're smart enough to find it.
Q: Do platypus really lay eggs?

A: I don't know, look it up on the Big Soak.
by Ryan David December 10, 2004
18 25
Slob on a knob. Also can mean to suck a cock. Use on someone you don't like.
Guy: Hey baby what you doing?
Girl: Go SOAK!
by Red and Skitz September 30, 2006
21 31