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To make sexy time with someone or something.
Babs was looking horny as hell she totally wanted to get Snyderized!
#sexy time #snyderize #snyderized #horny #sex
by insanedave September 09, 2009
1. The awesome ability to turn any conversation into one about sex.
2. Sexualize
We were talking about my grandmother's funeral when that cool dude Snyderized it & we ended up talking about fishnet stockings
#snydering #to snyderize #you've been snyderized #snyderizing #snyderized
by redynsnam November 16, 2013
The process of destructive alteration of a mold or machine component (or any metallic object) that results in wreckage and hilarity. Assault and battery committed against any tool.
Poncho better cancel all of his appointments...we've got level 2 snyder-ization in Lil Erie.

A 2" pin won't fit into a 1" hole - until you snyderize it.
#destruction #omg #wtf #mold #tool #oops
by Gomez Sprinkles February 27, 2008
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