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A wide variety of ultimate supreme amazingness. Often compared to omnipotent in the manner of which it absolutely implies perfection in all means of the word. Reflection upon the term compares cynnically without the rendition of a being of which can compulate to it's standards. Total and awe shocking capabilities within the expansion of the human mind, the limit at which Snider sets itself is none.
"Dude that guy just saved an entire apartment complex by sneezing while it was on fire, and it all blew out!"

"Wooow that was some Snider moves!"
by fyren March 20, 2010
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An alcoholic drink usually made from fermented apples.

Leaves one feeling wretched the day after.

When consumed whilst driving you will usually crash.

A good way of killing a lot of time.
Would you like a pint of snider? Oh yes please

Not to be confused with - there's nout snider than a pint of 8% cider.
by MBRY2010 June 26, 2010
Another word for gay, also maybe a wooldridge. they also may have a dirty mullet.
that guy is snider
by BLARGRFEF February 15, 2011

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