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Guy) hey do u want to go out with me?
Women) no
Guy's friend) hey bro you just got snydered
by Eduardo O October 31, 2010
To trick your boss into having sex with you so you can do shitty job and not get fired for it.
Melina: Mrs. Munroe sure got Snydered by that new sales guy, didn't she?

Glenda: I wish I was the boss so someone would snyder me. I'd provide job security and lunch to anyone who'd fuck me.

Melina & Glenda: Hahahahhhahahhahhahaahaha
by Real Wisemheimer February 11, 2010
To overpay for a product (athelete) usually to ludicrous amounts, in reference to Dan Snyder- owner of the Washington Redskins.
Q: Danny-boy paid $8.6M for a trade for Mark Brunnell??

A: Yep- he got Snydered again. Just like he did with Bruce Smith and Jeremiah Trotter.
by JK March 03, 2004