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The most amazing cutest thing anyone has EVER seen. He has a little green hat and scarf. Everybody loves him. He has three little buttons on his stomach. sometimes known as nowmy.
"Man, i love snowmy"
by Megan123456789000000987654 January 05, 2012
Cool friends, or homies, with whom one skis or snowboards.
She couldn't wait for the first big dump of white stuff so she could shred the gnar pow with her snowmies.
by Gobbycoot November 17, 2013
He is a white snowman with a beautiful personality. He has a green hat with a green scarf. He has three cute buttons on his tummy. He is currently in a relationship with Michael S. Rubin. Snowmy and Michael are in a snowmosexual relationship. They are very happy with each other. His mother is Megan. She can do a perfect imitation of his voice!
"Snowmy is a very cute snowman who is in a snowmosexual relationship."
by Joey Solo January 07, 2012
snowboarders or skiers who dress like they are gangstas
like homies, but snowmies on the mountain
by estt June 20, 2008
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