Weed covered in so many white crystals you can't break it up w/o gettin it all over your hands
That guy is fucking awesome, he just sold us snowflake!
by hahano June 24, 2004
A cross between a virgin and a nympho.

A girl that likes to get off excessively but is still a virgin.
As a a snowflake is white and pure like a virgin, it also has sharp edges and like a virgin that likes to get off has a edgey side.
by bruze lee June 21, 2010
A derogatory term for a forum moderator who has no spine and is thus perceived as being 'light weight' much like a 'snowflake'.
'You gave me a warning for calling someone an 'average loser', what a snowflake.'
by Yadayada August 25, 2007
a flake, the ones that never keep to their plans and always bail out at the last minute, but a pretty one.
Kira is so flaky.
yeah but she's pretty though
yeah shes just a regular snowflake
by hhnn August 17, 2007
dandruff from hair
when he shook his head, a blizzard happend
by sippycupsipper February 16, 2004
When a woman who has dry cum on her genital parts rubs it off onto somebody elses face.
"Hey Angela I brushed snowflakes all over Doms face after he fell asleep, you should try it sometime!"
by cwish March 25, 2008
Someone who thinks everyone likes them but no one actually does so they just float around from group to group tryin to chill but they jus cant cause ther wack.
julz is a fukin snowflake, he thinks hes the shit but eryone thinks he a damn fool.
by Madee August 08, 2005

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