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1)the only white person in a crowd of people.
2)a white person also known as a "cracker" or a "honkey".
hey snowflake get you cracker ass out the damn crowd you damn honkey.
by gary lutes October 20, 2005
Someone who thinks everyone likes them but no one actually does so they just float around from group to group tryin to chill but they jus cant cause ther wack.
julz is a fukin snowflake, he thinks hes the shit but eryone thinks he a damn fool.
by Madee August 08, 2005
After your sexual partner takes a load in there mouth, they proceed to gargle with it. At that point they spit it in the air, catch it back in there mouth, and then swallows.
That bitch finished me off with the snowflake.
by ADAMWV September 08, 2008
when a guy eats out a girl and then they make out
the oposite of snowballing
me and angela snowflaked last night!
by jordan luvs ya April 09, 2007
A term colloquialized by the Fam appropiated towards attractive Caucassian females
Excuse me there, Snowflake, would you happen to know which way the gym is?
by Saxophone Chris May 24, 2005
a white boy
Yo snowflake, you best be getting out of here yo, theres a tornadizzle comin' through all up in this shizzle
by SpaceToasters July 25, 2003
A white girl who dates black muslims, and doesn't realize she's his revenge on whitey, or doesn't care.
See dat bitch over de're, she be Mustaffa's snowflake.
by ghost3x7 April 20, 2009