Bits of toilet paper that cling to female pubic hair. Usually discovered during oral sex. In the absence of pubic hair, it can still refer to toilet paper bits found in the folds of the female genitalia. Same concept as a dingleberry.
"Ew girl! Why didn't you clean up these snowflakes before I came over!!!"
by missieerica December 29, 2009
a white girl who likes black guys. must have been with atleast three black boys in order to be considered a snowflake
Becky is such a snowflake, what is this the 7th black guys shes been with this year?
by πŸ‘ΈπŸ‘‘ September 21, 2014
It's when you Masturbate and your Penis is covered in Semen. Followed by then wiping the top of the Penis with toilet paper, and some parts of the toilet paper sticking to your penis. The Snowflake resembles the semen falling on the tip, and then the toilet paper leaves spots on your Penis.
After masturbating and cleaning up said dick, he noticed that some of the toilet paper left a Snowflake on his tip.
by PeePeeDooDooWeiner January 16, 2015
A white male/female who's individuality is beyond compare to anyone else's. Normally very attractive and promiscuous, loves one person in particular and very protective of them. Unique in personality and hard to find.
Hey Stacey! See that guy over there? Yea, him! He's my snowflake! <3
by My_nigga7662 December 07, 2014
A very unique person with white skin, who cannot be replaced and stands out just a a little too much with an affinity for ducks and other species of the avian variety.
Snowflake is a special one, he is ducking it today.
by Man of the Fort October 23, 2014
Name given to a person who disagrees or in anyway questions the opinion of the great and esteemed blogger, Harold C Marks. This must never be said directly to the person for fear of reprisal, it must always be said in a subtweet.
"I read your post, I have some issues"

"Ok, lets discuss them"

5 Minutes Later

"It seems I've insulted some precious snowflakes"
by A Snowflake March 11, 2014
When a chic gets cum in her hair after giving a wonderful BJ .. then passes out, finds the cum the morning after and picks it out causing a snow flake effect..
read definition ...of snow flake
by wthail February 09, 2010

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