When a chic gets cum in her hair after giving a wonderful BJ .. then passes out, finds the cum the morning after and picks it out causing a snow flake effect..
read definition ...of snow flake
by wthail February 09, 2010
An adverb describing weather below freezing temperature, i.e. 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Inspired by the temperature gauge of many late model Suzuki cars, such as the SX4 crossover.
'Damn, its snowflake today. I can see my breath!'
'I'm taking off my coat, its totally not snowflake right now.'
by CaptainFunkADunk January 14, 2010
hot white girl who likes black guys
she's my snowflake and I'm her hot chocolate
by konichiwakitty July 21, 2003
1. the only white person in a crowd of people.
2. Anthony k.
why is that snowflake hanging with them.
why is snowflake hanging with mathlete.
by bootylishes gary September 17, 2005
Weed covered in so many white crystals you can't break it up w/o gettin it all over your hands
That guy is fucking awesome, he just sold us snowflake!
by hahano June 24, 2004
To snowflake - v. To reneg or flake on one's commitments or responsibilities due to snow.

Snowflake - n. Someone who partakes in the act of flaking due to snow.
"My train's cancelled, the 8.40 to London totally snowflaked on me."

"I'm snowed in, going to have to snowflake on lunch."

"The day it snowed, she was meant to meet me for coffee and cancelled. Then I saw her that same afternoon sledging in the park..."
"OMG, what a snowflake."
by DebolinaDee February 07, 2012
a term that experienced skiers/snowboarders use to describe clueless, tourist-type skiers/snowboarders that take up the mountain, cramp their style, and are just generally annoying.
-"What the heck are those snowflakes doing on this double black diamond?!?!?"

-"If that snowflake crashes into me one more time, I'll give him a face full of snow!"

-"Dude! We've been stuck on the lift forever."
-"Yeah, they had to stop it 'cause those snowflakes don't even know how to get on."
by K-Fadz March 07, 2008

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