Slang for a high quality grade of Cocaine, Looks powder like with hints of yellow and sparkling spores. Also see Flake
No time for the bashed out thing, i've got the snow flake
by Deaje May 20, 2008
A name given to weak-willed/poorly motivated employees who fail to come to work at the first hint of adverse weather conditions.
"Why is Peter not in the office today?" "Oh, you know him, he's such a snow flake, he'll use any excuse to miss work in cold weather."
by Clarebear81 November 30, 2010
People (usually emo/goth kids) who dress weird in order to distinguish themselves or express their identity. These people think that they are each a "beautiful and unique snowflake" (see the movie Fight Club). Believe everyone else are "conformists".

Plural: "Snowstorms" (large amount of Snowflakes in one area).
Jess is wearing one green sock and one pink one, with a blue anime shirt. What a fucking snowflake.
by Britewing June 11, 2009
a newly formed nickname for the herb, marijuana, originally created by 3 potheads, named Luis, Daniel, and Josh, in fontana, ca during a world history session of summer school
hey, wanna buy some snowflakes?
by Snowflake Master Josh May 06, 2009
An overly sensitive person, incapable of dealing with any opinions that differ from their own. These people can often be seen congregating in "safe zones" on college campuses.
Those social justice warriors are just a bunch of snowflakes.
by Danglo May 28, 2016
A very unique white girl that is one of a kind.
I love Snowflake, she is freakin' crazy!!!
by Party Pants March 19, 2007
An entitled millenial SJW-tard who runs to her "safe space" to play with stress toys and coloring books when she gets "triggered" by various inocuous "microsaggressions".
Fiona ran away sobbing after I told her I was voting for Donald Trump. What a freaking snowflake.
by Dr Zempf June 11, 2016
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