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"Slaying the Magic Dragon", term used when announcing that you are about to take a massive hot dump.
Boy 1: "Yeah I'm about to go shoot some J's. Wbu?"
Boy 2: "Just got back from Mi Rancho's, bout to go Slay the Magic Dragon!"
by ArmaniExchange January 17, 2014
"Pussy whiskers", are the faded lines and cuts in any type of jean. Typically placed up high near the pubic area, on the knee caps, on the calves, or behind the knees.
Girl 1: "De Angelo always wears jeans with pussy whiskers on them."
Abercrombie, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Forever 21, Jay Crew, Armani Exchange, etc. have pussy whiskers on their jeans.
by ArmaniExchange January 17, 2014
A person who constantly annoys and bitches about silly stuff no one cares about. An individual who likes to get in people personal space and talk very loudly.
Ex. one

Boy 1: "One Direction all the way!!!! Boyeeee!!!!
Everyone else on the school bus: "Man shut the hell up! Quit being such a damn Snort all the time."

Ex. two
Mom: "Did you do your homework yet?? Did you take out the garbage?? Have you found a girl who can stand you yet??"
Boy: "MOM!! Stop being such a f***ing Snort!!"
by ArmaniExchange January 17, 2014

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