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Sack to back is the term used when two males ride a motorcycle or scooter together.
Also referred to as "Butts to Nuts"
Those guys are riding "Sack to Back or Sac to Back"
by Indetrucks February 17, 2011
A quick cocktail or stiff drink. A term coined by older men or baby boomers.
Man, I could do with a snort right about now
by Indetrucks May 02, 2011
The art of two men either riding 2-up on the same motorcycle/moped or when two men are cuddling in bed (or spooning).
David: "I slept great last night"
Anthony: "That's because we slept Guns to Buns"
David: "You complete me"
by Indetrucks January 25, 2012
The Joker as used in sexual reference:

The act of removing a tampon at the string by mouth from a womans vagina while on her period. Once removed, the bloody tampon is swung back and forth by the string "while still in the teeth" as if shaking your head "no."

The blood like smile/outline from ear to ear that is left behind is know as "The Joker."
(Similar to the make-up smile on the Joker)
That girl was down for ANYTHING last night!
She even let me perform The Joker on her...
by Indetrucks February 17, 2011

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