SnorgTees is a website that designs and sells relatively expensive novelty T-shirts and hoodies with cheap graphics and puns on them. You'll see the advertisements on UrbanDictionary and most likely think, "Huh. That's... interesting." and then click to see the other puns on their other shirts, eventually realising that because as they themself have admitted that they shit them out weekly, that maybe your I.Q. has lowered just slightly

They're the kind of T-shirts that you'd think about MAYBE buying for that ONE friend who ALWAYS speaks in memes, and is generally a socially awkward tag-along. But then you decide that it's probably best that you don't spend $18 just to make your "friend" look immature and yourself just slightly more in with pop culture.

There are some T-shirts/hoodies that will make you do that grunting laugh thing that you do when you're minimally amused and you want to laugh but it's just not that funny. However, there are some T-shirts that are just plain stupid and sound like when the idea for it was concieved, two guys and maybe a girl were high on LSD and pissing themselves laughing some cheap slapstick comedy from the 90s.
Hayden: "Kathy's birthday was yesterday."

Will: "Oh, cool. Did you get here anything?"

Hayden: "Well, I didn't wanna be a dick and get her some trinket from the dollar store so I decided to get her a T-shirt."

Will: "A... a T-shirt... ?"

Hayden: "Yeah."

Will: "Fair enough. Which T-shirt?"

Hayden: "Well, I kinda didn't want her to get her something like plain and boring because she's probably got a ton of them."

Will: "Yeah."

Hayden: "She kinda uses that 'nom nom nom' meme a lot on MSN, so I found this site called 'SnorgTees' and they had this pretty expensive T-shirt with "Nom nom nom" on it... so I got that."

Will: "Wow."
by Mr. Subsistence August 10, 2010
A T-shirt company that makes some of the most retarded shirts ever to meet the presses. They have on them terrible jokes that are obviously trying to suck off of Internet humor, and stupid slogans and sayings with bad puns and very unclever irony. They slap their stupid advertisements all over Urban Dictionary, courtesy of Google Ads, which tries to target products to the right audience.
Some examples of Snorgtees terrible attempts at cool:

"WARNING: if zombies chase us, I'm tripping you!!!1!"
"Hedgehogs, why don't they just share the hedge?'


"That's what she said!!!11!1"

"Milk, I am your father"

"I was not aware that bird was the word"

Sheer crap.
by CPHOY December 21, 2010
a shirt that, when worn, essentially advertises the fact that you are a retard. this is due to the poor excuse of a joke printed on the front, accompanied with a lame picture to explain what crude childish humor was involved in making the "joke."
the only thing i like about snorgtee ads is the blond chick, who is at least kinda hot. shame she degraded herself to advertising retarded products.
by i hate snorgtees ads January 03, 2010
A Georgia-based company that sells shirts specializing in memes. It's also that advertisement you see at the right side of this website which shows hot girls wearing geeky and lame t-shirts. You can tell they're trying to make the jokes on the shirts seem funny and clever, but apparently they're not.
1. Look at this awesome new shirt I bought from Snorg Tees! "I'm an om-nom-nom-ivore"

2. Ohoho I'm sure you are
by MisterRickster August 14, 2011
this stupid online tee shit store that decided it wanted to take boring slogans that don't even make sense and put them on girls with boobs you know are totally fake.
who people would be that stupid to buy a shirt from snorg tees
by ello kitty 1515 September 10, 2011
An annoying advertisement on the side of Urban
Dude: I was on urban I saw the most annoying advertisement ever it was called Snorg Tees

Guy: Now way man, thats low.
by Maulermaker March 31, 2011
A company who monopolizes Urban Dictionary's ad-space and makes unfunny teeshirts.

The girls are somewhat hot though.
Every time you visit this site there will undoubtedly be an ad for a snorgtees shirt right next to it.
by ZomSteve September 20, 2011

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