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Best HDTV widescreen standard of today's market.
Better framerate, resolution and sharpness than 1080i and 720p.
1080 means resolution of 1920x1080, p menas progressive.
Progressive displays do not suffer from the deficiencies present on interlaced (1080i).

Guy1: When i can chose 1080i or 1080p, which is better?

Friend of guy1: 1080p is definitely the best, you would make a big mistake if you bought 1080i because that would be worse than 720p. Don't get the marketing trick you to think same resolution means same quality.
by Dhatz August 27, 2009
1080i is a DHTV high definition widescreen displaying standard. Commonly pronounced /ten-eighty I/.
1080 means resolution of 1920x1080, i stands for interlaced, which means two fields of half-quality image are being unpercievably rapidly swapped in every frame of such display, in outcome it has half the image quality as opposed to progressive 1080p. As a counsequence of which, framerate is being mentioned in Fields per seconds, that means interlaced displays have half the framerate and sharpness as progressive displays, where famerate is in full Frames per second.
Dood 1: Is the 1080i better than 1080p? I am confused.

Informed friend of dood 1: no, it's in fact below 720p. The quality rises like this: 480i 480p 1080i 720p 1080p.
by Dhatz August 27, 2009
T-shirt company with sense of humor so bad they need a slogan, they use flat or almost flat girls (that's why I liked the Bustedtees company better). From what I've seen it was the second advertiser here, nowadays the ads are much more varied (tg).
you don't wanna see an example of Snorgtees humor.
by Dhatz August 31, 2009
A cultural phenomenon inhibitting higher functions of brain, also is tied with already slowed brains of the fans enjoying it.
In other words, it induces stupidity.

Greed and it's effects cause overwhelming majority of intelectoxins.
Quotation from MobieBob's article published on the Escapist 23 July 2010 6:00 pm: -If you were to ask me what the three most intellectually-toxic movie franchises are right now, you'd be unsurprised to learn my answers were Twilight, Sex & The City and Tyler Perry. You know what they all have in common? They exist because mainstream Hollywood did a piss-poor job of paying proper attention to niche audiences - niche in Hollywood meaning any audience that is not white, male and aged 15-35.
my thoughts: -Intellectoxins, indeed.
by Dhatz July 23, 2010
it might be 'What the real fuck'. I wrote it as typo a minute before I went to post it here. It would not be a synonym to WTFR, because WTFR feels like if you are expressing shock.
I would put it somewhere between WTF and WTBS.
(after teading article on cracked.com)
me: WTRF? you americans must have fucken awful media if you ever believed any of that shit.
by Dhatz April 04, 2010
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