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1- at first glance an attractive woman with large breast and a nice ass

2-at second glance a whore who is famous for taping herself sucking some black dudes dick and "accidentally" releasing it
Example 1: a Kim Kardashian
Richie- man Nicole is so hot she has big breast and a nice fatass man i just want to stick my penis in her mouth/ass

Rob: Yeah...

Example 2:Pulling a Kim Kardashian

Nicole- Man i wanna be famous hey jayquan let me videotape us having sex and me sucking your dick and then "accidentally" releasing it

Jayquan: Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!
by Alfredosauce97 June 24, 2011
1-An awesome first name from russia that unfortunately has had its reputation ruined by japanese perverts

Teresa- Hello what is your name
Yuri- Hi my name is Yuri
Teresa- nice to meet you... doesn't your name mean lesbian porn in japan...
Yuri-...(Awkward silence)... Wanna film ourselves having sex?
Teresa- sure lets go to my apartment
Yuri-Fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!
by Alfredosauce97 June 24, 2011
1-The number one way to prevent overpopulation

2-Something every teen is accused of
Example 1: being accused
Tim: Richie likes soccer

Rob: What a Faggot
Ricchie: Fuck you soccer is awsome and its called football bitch

Example 2: Homosexuality
Tim: Hey rob now we made so everybody thinks Richies gay
Rob: yeah now nobody will think we're gay
Tim: Wanna have gay sex
Rob: You know i do

Tim: Fuck Yeah!!!!!!!!!
by Alfredosauce97 June 24, 2011
The shirts that are advertised on this website the best one by far is Sheena AKA the girl with the black short shorts and a grey shirt but she is what we call rare only that average looking red head keeps showing up
Example of a snorgtees add-
an attractive girl ranging from a 7-9 out of ten posing in an sexy positions with a cliche shirt
by Alfredosauce97 June 24, 2011
soap operas you will find In the spanish channels on your DirectTV,Dish and or cable they are usually full of sexy Latinas you would kill to have sex with
Example-Mexican soap operas

Ricardo- instead of celebrities being movie stars in mexico the movie stars are actually the people who star in the Soap Operas

Roberto- oh you mean like Angelique Boyer

Ricardo Exactly
by Alfredosauce97 June 24, 2011
Your second name usually used if your first name sucks or if you move to a different country and your first name sounds stupid in there language
Example Middle name - Yuri sounds stupid in spanish so i went by Alfredo and Alfredo sounds stupid in English so i go by Yuri
by Alfredosauce97 June 24, 2011

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