A rubbish advert which has unfortunatly made it past urbandictionary.com
guy 1: What did you go on last night?

guy 2: Indiana Jones Wiki

guy 1: was it good?

guy 2: Yeah, it was interesting but I saw a snorgtees ad

guy 1: OOOOHHHH NNNNNOOOOO!!!!!! Snorgtees has made it onto other websites! It's spreading like a plague!
Top Definition
the unfunniest t-shirts in the history of ever, which are, for some reason, appearing on urbandictionary.com on a regular basis
What does the Holocaust and SnorgTees have in common?

They're not funny at all and anybody who laughs at them has no soul.
by uzo9 June 14, 2009
A t-shirt company advertising on various sites, including urbandictionary. The ads often include girls wearing vibrant t-shirts with stupid jokes on them, extremely similar to Bustedtees and Noise Bot.
A beaver in an argument with another saying "I don't give a dam".

Well done, Snorgtees, but I think I missed the punchline.
by ShAdOwZ December 10, 2008
A T-shirt company with absolutely no dignity or real sense of business prowess whatsoever. They merely take any quotable line from a movie, tv or pop culture scene and place it on a basic teeshirt, thus attempting to take advantage of the stupidity and consumption need of the average human, having them spend $15 on something that impresses no one and merely helps them stand out as "don't talk to me, I suck."
snorgtees are a tshirt that quotes a line from 'The Office' and makes unearned profits from it.
by Bangerlivas April 30, 2009
1) An online T-shirt company that cant possibly be making any money. They took a good idea by putting memes on shirts, but fail to relise some shirts on the site are so old, most others you never even heard of, and are at least 15 dollars for a t-shirt that wont be funny after 4-5 months.
Jimmy: "I bought a shirt that says "Leave Britney Alone!!"
Jake: HAHAHAHHA wheres it from?
Jimmy: Snorg tees, online shirt store

2 months later... Jimmy goes to a party with that shirt on

Jimmy: "Hey, I made it!"
Jake: "What the hell, you still have that shirt?"
Jimmy: "Why not?"
Jake: "Its kinda... old."
by Mickey W. May 21, 2008
The best shirts to wear if you're a retard (so people can instantly recognize you) .
non-retard: " hey, I bought you a t-shirt, from Snorgtees "
retard: " wow, thank you so much "
by Malakand_man November 17, 2009
Annoying shit that constantly appears on the urban dictionary site advertising lame t-shirts.
Look at all of these damn snorgtees ads on this site.
by azawaq December 07, 2009
T-Shirt company that advertises all over Urban Dictionary, selling oh-so-ironic T-Shirts to kids who want to be counter-culture.

Their ads drive me nuts with their annoying, hipster-looking models.
Oh my god you guyz, Snorg Tees makes a T-Shirt with Boxxy on it. I bet it will still be cool when I grow out of my teenage asshole years.
by relates2395834694378 June 19, 2010

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