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The part of the leg that sticks out from under the covers to regulate your body temperature while you sleep.
"I just couldn't sleep. When I have the cover on, I feel hot. When I have the cover off, I feel cold. I had to use my dormostat to go with it."

"Cold. Hot. Cold. Hot. Cold. Dormostat Out. Uh comfy."
by Epictrishax April 08, 2012
The practice of trying to determine the year a movie was made by deciphering the roman numerals at the end of the credits.
Tom: "Sam, stop staring at the credits, it doesn't work that way."
Dick: "I'm sure there's something behind those roman numbers. This is what XIIdigitation is about."
Tom: "The roman numbers are there to hide the age of the movie from people like you, quit trying."
Dick: "*sigh*"
by Epictrishax April 08, 2012
The bizarre sounds my stomach makes after I eat a lot of spicy food. Sometimes it sounds like there is a marching band in there.
Max: "What's with the noise, do you guys here anything?"
Sam: (Out of a sudden); "Uhm no, it's just my stomach, gastrophonics again."

Max: "Lmao, your stomach does know how to spin that shit!"

by Epictrishax April 08, 2012
Those little drifting clumps of pet hair that seem to roll across the floor when you have company, no matter how many times you vacuum or dust.
"I'm sick of this. It's haunting me. The hairs. It's always there. Everywhere. Furbleweed!"

"An element present in every house, no matter how clean it is, no furbleweed, the place is haunted."
by Epictrishax April 08, 2012
The natural desire for babies to put everything in their mouths will occasionally result in them looking as though they are eating the head of their brother, or the cat. This gives the appearance of being a zombie, or zombaby.
Aww, look at all those cute little kids, oh no, wait, look at that, is that a cat's head in his mouth? Is he eating that cat's head? Ew, Zo, zom, zombaby!

One zombaby would be fine, but having two zombabies would harm the parents. "Nnnot enougghh heaaadddsss!"
by Epictrishax April 08, 2012
Okay, I won't be too graphic here, but this is what happens when you sneeze and, well, pass gas as a result at the same time.
"I cannot believe this, everytime I sneeze I snoot. It's like a reflex action. And that is why, I can't pull up a date. Girl has a perfume too strong to trigger my nostrils, and boom, it's a snoot!"

"Did you just.. uhm, sneeze.. fart, in the same time? Did you just sneeze and fart at the same time?"
"Yeah I guess, snoot? :| "
by Epictrishax April 08, 2012

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