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A rare breed of Eastern United States Troll. A Snooki is generally found face down in a gutter or sewer covered in it's own vomit or at a tanning salon trying to bake itself into a vaguely human form to fool the masses of teenage/early twenties wannabe ho's and doushe bags.

If confronted by a Snooki be advised that you should cover your ears so you can't here it try to speak an english like language to lure you into it's mouth, and cover your eyes because due to it's small pea sized brain it will assume that if you can't see it, it can't see you.
Oh no, run everybody it's one of those Snooki's and it looks mighty hungry!!
#snooki #troll #jersey shore #whore #hungry #monster
by T_Vittle December 31, 2010
She puts the capital S in STD
sorry bro but that what you get when you fuck a Snooki
#snooki #troll #jersey shore #whore #hungry #monster
by T_Vittle December 31, 2010
A staggering combination of STD's that form into one super disease that eats your flesh from the inside out and turns you into blob shaped like a fire hydrant crossed with a carrot with a fucked up hair cut.
Usually contracted from "Guidettes and Guidos" by sexual means and skin contact. But it is also airborn within 10 feet of a carrier.
The original source was reported to be a ravenous drunken skank troll named "Snooki"
Due to the downward spiral of society it has become prevalent amongst teenage idiots and semi-retarded 20 somethings in North America.
If contracted; pray to whatever god you wish and kiss your ass goodbye.
Get away from me you nasty ass troll, i don't want that ghonnaherpipsyphalitus shit
#snooki #std #guidette #guido #disease #society #doom #troll
by T_Vittle December 31, 2010
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