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A physical carress, involving giving a "Snog" (British for "French Kiss") and a "Snuggle" (cuddle) at the same time.
She wanted to give him a snoggle, but he snoggled her first. They exchanged many snoggles.
by Chasity July 13, 2003
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noun: to snog, cuddle and snuggle simultaneously.

adverb: snoggling

ORIGIN early 16th cent. (rare before the 18th cent.): of unknown origin.
e.g baby I don't feel like shagging tonight, lets just get into bed and snoggle.

by funafletch February 11, 2009
It's a cute thing between snogging and cuddles. To be honest; It's one of the nicest things, it's cute, and comforting. Perfect for quiet nights in with the one who you love. Nothing is better. :) <3

Better than a snog, and a cuddle. A Snoggle
Fliss: I want cuddles.
Josh: I'll give you snoggles. It's much better
Fliss: It is :) I Love You
Josh: I Love You too.
by Gawur-ness February 07, 2010
When two or more men put the tips of their penises together.
Hey Jim, want to go up on top of the ridge and snoggle?
by Knep December 19, 2012

1. To like, to vote up and/or to commemorate a topic, story, or event.
Charles: Hey man, check out my article on Abortion

David: Oh my god, i'm going to snoggle all over that.
by Sophie Richards June 18, 2011
from the British verb snog, it implies french kissing something...but what?
Ex. 1
Bob: Hey dog, your girl came over last night.
Dick: Is that right? What did y'all talk about?
Bob: Well there wasn't much to talk about since she straight snoggled my dick!

Ex. 2
Snoggle a dick! (as a gesture between friends)

Ex. 3
Snoggle a dick (in response to someone pisses you off)
by DDubbz August 09, 2009
The loose, floppy bit of of sock that appears if one is wearing a big sock, or if the sock is somehow pushed down the foot slightly.
"Yeah I was just minding my own business when I noticed I had a snoggle!"

"That sucks, why don't you join the snoggle prevention society?"

"Yeah, together, we can end the misery."
by JAStewart January 14, 2007

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